Why Diets Are Failing Us!
(The New Health Conversation Series)

by Peter Greenlaw, Dennis Harper, Drew Greenlaw

When the idea of, “The New Health Conversation” was conceived, Why Diets Are Failing Us, was a natural introduction into the health and wellness world. A little over a decade ago, as Peter began his journey down the research rabbit hole, it became quite obvious to Greenlaw that traditional diet and exercise techniques were no longer effective. Naturally, this spawned the question as to why diet and exercise was no longer enough. With that question at hand, what does it take to optimize health, wellness and our overall quality of life in this day and age? With the help of Dr. Dennis Harper and his son, Drew, Peter published his first book, Why Diets Are Failing Us. This book sets the foundation of why no matter how much we work out or how healthy we eat, the majority of us see our waistlines increase slowly each year. This book begins to answer these questions as well as offer simple solutions to maximize your overall health and wellness. What would you give to sleep well every night? Are you tired of being tired? Would you like to learn how to manage your daily stress naturally? This is the book for you!

TDOS Syndrome and Solutions
(The New Health Conversation)

by Peter Greenlaw, Dennis Harper, Drew Greenlaw

The TDOS Syndrome was a natural progression as a follow up to Greenlaw’s first book. As the pieces of the puzzle continued to fall into place, it only made sense that people in general are facing a collaborative problem in health and wellness. After several months of petitioning, The TDOS Syndrome received a United States trademark, officially recognizing it as a syndrome in the medical field. Again, Greenlaw teamed up with Doctor Michael Messina as well as his son, Drew to introduce this new syndrome. This two-part book follows the same problem/solution layout as all the books in, “The New Health Conversation”, series. The TDOS Syndrome, lays out four co-factors, (toxicity, nutritional deficiency, overweight and stress). It addresses each factor individually and more importantly explains the devastating and collaborative effects on our health when they team up to cause the perfect storm on our health. In both the science and medical fields, it is critical that you first understand and address the totality of the problem before you can identify any solution. This has always been our approach in educating the public. Yes, some of the research and statistics you may read in these books will and should scare you. But what good is it to just scare you without offering you solutions? We are excited for the release of these two books and the effect they will have on the way we look at how to address new ways to optimize health for as long as you may live.