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The TDOS Syndrome received a US trademark and is recognized in the health and medical fields as a legitimate threat to our current state of health and wellness. The TDOS Syndrome is the interconnectivity of four individual co-factors that have united to play a large role not only in sabotaging the body’s natural ability to function optimally, but also in preventing the body from losing weight. When these four co-factors combine, it sets off a perfect storm, preventing the body from working as efficiently as it should. While each factor alone weakens our health, together they threaten it so much more powerfully that our future as a species is endangered.

Toxic Tomatoe


Many of us contain a large number of chemicals within our bodies, and they are creating a toxic atmosphere that is seriously damaging our health. Many of these toxins build up over time and interact with one another in harmful ways. They are in the air we breathe, water we drink, food we consume, and the personal care products we apply daily. Toxins are the super bug of this century and they are ultimately destroying us.

Here is a scary fact; since the U.S. Congress passed the Toxic Substances Control Act in 1976, only about 2% of the more than 80,000 chemicals in daily use have been tested for their individual impacts on human health. Fewer still have been tested for their “additive” or “synergistic” effects in combination with each other. We have been living in a toxic stew for decades and still don't know the full impact on our health.

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The D in TDOS stands for Nutritional Deficiency. A recent study out of Great Britain states that 1/3rd of the industrialized world's population is malnourished. The United States is the most overfed, undernourished country in the world. When the body does not receive optimal nutrition, it fails to function at its highest level. As some of you may know, our food supplies no longer have sufficient levels of the vitamins and minerals needed for the body to operate normally. The soil we grow our produce in no longer has the essential

vitamins and minerals in it due to over farming, which means the produce can no longer provide us with these essential pieces of the nutritional puzzle. Yet, most diet approaches still include some type of caloric restriction, but when calories are cut, the amount of nutrition is now drastically diminished, meaning the body receives less of what it needs to function properly. The body needs proper proportions of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals. Our current state of nutrition is comparable to fueling a Ferrari with the cheapest gas on the market. If you wouldn't treat your car that way, why in the world would we treat our bodies differently?

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It's no secret that we have an epidemic on our hands as waistlines around the world continue to expand. How many of you out there would be satisfied with hitting the weight on your drivers license? Due to the body's toxic burden, we now carry excess fat due to poor nutrition, bad eating habits, and a lack of exercise. It is no longer as easy to lose weight by simply dieting and exercising. If the body is flooded with toxins, weight loss becomes almost impossible due to the fact that the excess fat is protecting the body from itself.

If the surplus of fat is released without some kind of nutritional fasting program, it is possible that it could flood the body with toxicity, causing any number of problems and potentially making that individual sick. When adding overweight to both toxicity and deficiency, we begin to really see how each co-factor plays individual roles as well as their combined effects, and it starts to look like it is virtually impossible to get healthy and lose weight. It is estimated that there are over 2.2 billion people worldwide that suffer from being overweight and a staggering new study estimates that more people, including children may die due to obesity and the health problems associated with it than starvation.


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According to Psychology Today, stress is public enemy number one as to our overall quality of life. Stress is the last co-factor in the TDOS Syndrome, and most everyone is aware of, or feels, this deadly co-factor. Stress is a killer on its own. People who are otherwise in good health have been decimated by stress.

Whether it’s from the daily stresses of life or the actual internal stress placed on the body from poor health or being overweight, stress is not to be taken lightly. As we know, external life stresses can raise blood pressure among other things. Excess weight also places a significant amount of stress on the body. It literally “stresses” all of the body’s functions from how the heart and lungs operate to adding excess pressure to ankles, knees, and the back.

Once again, stress alone is a killer; add it to the other three co-factors, and you have the perfect storm called the TDOS Syndrome.


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You need to learn and understand the topic before proceeding the next step.

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Not all is lost! Peter and his team have spent the past decade researching the entire medical and health spectrum. Peter is known as the researcher of researchers. This has given him a strategic perspective of the overall climate of the health and wellness world. Join us as we first introduce you to the totality of the problem.

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Our mission is to maximize your quality of life for as long as you live. If this interests you, please join us as we continue to change the face of health and wellness and pull the curtain on what they don't want you to know.


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