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I have spent more than 10,000 hours researching the area of toxins and their profound effect on our health and well being. Spurred by my own experiences, I have devoted 10 years of my life to the study of environmental toxins and their effects on disease, being overweight, and health. I have conducted more than 1,000 lectures on this subject all over the world.

I have been interviewed more than 100 times on radio and television and has spoken extensively across the U.S. and Canada, in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

My goal is to change the world by educating all of us on the problems posed by environmental toxicity and what you can do about it.

From Peter: Why I Wrote “Why Diets Are Failing Us And What You Can Do About It”

Health Science Investigator, Peter Greenlaw, Reveals:

Calories Are NOT the Enemy; Toxins Are

Peter Greenlaw, HSI, the world’s foremost Health Science Investigator, is the voice for what you are NOT hearing from cutting edge health science research. With 10 years and thousands of hours of in-depth research, Peter reveals a fresh new approach to talking about health, diet, and nutrition.

Let’s Talk Toxins

Scientific studies show an increasingly toxic load in the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. Those toxins are altering the body’s ability to process nutrients and maintain a healthy weight.

Drawing on ten years of intensive research, Peter Greenlaw articulates and clarifies “Why Diets Are Failing Us,” and what is the solution. Peter is the author of the brand-new book, Why Diets Are Failing Us.

Peter Greenlaw, HSI, Addresses “If I Knew Then What I Know Now…”
Twelve years ago, my mother said to me, “There is one wish I want granted before I die, and that is to die thin.” Within six months, she had died. My heart was devastated, not knowing how to help my mom. She had suffered from obesity most of her life.

A couple of years later, when my doctor said, “In your current condition, you will not live long enough to see your sons graduate high school,” my heart was devastated by the thought of leaving my sons without a father at such a young age.

These life experiences galvanized me, becoming my central theme and motivation: To live longer, healthier for the ones — and with the ones — I love most in life.

With these experiences I began a journey.

I believe that my sons deserve to have a healthy father and mother. So do your sons and daughters. All children deserve to have healthy parents! That is worth fighting for! I believe that my mom and all moms and dads are worth fighting for! I only wish I new then what I know now. It could have been so different.

I discovered a solution that worked for me. With this knowledge, I could have helped my mom.

Now take a deep breath and pause. Ask yourself if this is your desire also: To live longer and healthier for the ones — and with the ones — you love most in life.

If it is, then read on.

There are answers to these health , diet, and nutritional challenges that, back then, I never knew existed. With a decade of research and my own personal results, I can say with confidence: There are solutions available to you and those you love!

This is my deepest, driving desire, my passionate inspiration and motivation: To know what was really available out there, to get access to the answers, and to identify the solutions available to me and everyone.

This is why I’ve done the work and the research; and why I’ve published the results. My book, Why Diets Are Failing Us sums up my investigations of the past decade.

These answers changed my life forever — and they can change yours too.

I knew I was called to share this solution with others. It starts with a major reframe of the conversation around diet and nutrition: that calories are not the greater enemy. Instead, toxins are the greatest challenge in our lifetime. So together we shift the conversation. Then, if you want to know what worked for me and saved my life, you can learn about one of the most effective solutions that I have experienced.

You’ll learn one way to avoid the unnecessary pain and affliction of a life imprisoned by toxic fat. You’ll discover a path out of the despair caused by nutritional deficiency, obesity, stress and inflammation — the culprits so often diminishing the days of our lives and reducing the quality of life itself.

I discovered people and communities out there that have the solutions. They have dedicated their lives to finding and sharing these unique and extraordinary New Nutritional Technologies that have been increasing nutritional density. They may offer an answer that works for you. Especially if you are among the millions of people desperately searching for answers.

My intent is to inform you. Even if you “think you know,” you may be surprised. And once you know, then you can decide: What will you do? What action will you take? I recommend that you read the book, then make up your own mind.

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