Peter Greenlaw – Author and International Speaker on “The New Health Conversation”

Peter Greenlaw is the voice for what you are NOT hearing from cutting edge health science research. Peter is considered one of the leading activists alerting the world about the toxicity and deficiency of nutrition in food, and solutions to live a healthier longer life.

Former world-class skier Peter Greenlaw is considered “the Researcher’s Researcher” on toxicity and deficiency of nutrition in food, wellness and how to live healthier longer.

His work originated “The New Health Conversation” with some world’s leading researchers collaborating to find solutions to some of our major health challenges. He is the voice for what you are NOT hearing from cutting edge health science research.

Greenlaw’s 12 year journey for knowledge about health and wellness began when his personal physician told Greenlaw that he would not live long enough to see his sons graduate from high school. This former, world class skier, who once followed an Olympic nutrition program, was told he was at a high risk for a fatal heart attack. Diligently following his doctor’s instructions to exercise, diet and take his prescription, Greenlaw restarted his Olympic training regimen.

The results were very disappointing. After two months he had lost just eight pounds, and produced no improvement in his health. Then a chance meeting with a retired NFL player Greenlaw knew from college started Peter on a journey that would change his life. At this meeting his friend recommended a high-nutrition diet. In just one month, Greenlaw lost over 20 pounds and he found his risk for a fatal heart attack was gone, without continuing to take the drug the doctor prescribed.

Greenlaw then decided to dedicate his life to trying to answer the tough questions about what caused his death scare. He also explored why his friend’s suggestions worked when his doctor’s regiment did not. He read over 600 books and did more than 10,000 hours of research.

He discovered his problem wasn’t just his problem. The world’s population is ingesting toxic chemicals and medications through our water and food supply. Toxicity in food is rampant. The nutrients and minerals our bodies need are rapidly diminishing and causing an increase in life threatening illnesses.

The solution he needed would take more than just changing his eating habits. So he began working with John Anderson, regarded as one of the world’s greatest nutritional chemists. Over the past 30 years Anderson has formulated over 2300 nutritional products for over 650 companies. Anderson is now collaborating with Dr. Andrews (PhD in population genetics and molecular biology who helped discover the enzyme telomerase that determines why we age).

Greenlaw is also sharing his discoveries through his co-authored books Why Diets are Failing Us, and the upcoming books The TDOS Syndrome (toxicity deficiency of nutrition, overweight and stress, and The TDOS Protocol. He is now publishing a series called The New Health Conversation. The first book in the series is entitled, Your Third Brain.

Greenlaw has conducted more than 1,000 lectures around the world. He was also a featured speaker at the AutismOne conference in May 2014, the CEO Club of NYC in December 2013, and is schedule to return to the CEO Club of NYC and present to the Stanford University Medical School in 2015.

On Greenlaw’s TV show “The New Health Conversation”, on Rocky Mountain PBS, he reveals a fresh new approach to talking about health, diet, nutrition, and TDOS. His show has featured some of the world’s leading health scientists, medical doctors and researchers including Dr. John Gray PhD, Dr. Bill Andrews PhD, and author Melanie Warner (former reporter with the New York Times).

He was a guest on the Fox 5 Washington DC morning show, a guest of Greg Reitman on his Los Angeles-based show “On the Green Carpet”, and he was featured on U-T San Diego TV hosted by Taylor Baldwin.

Greenlaw also has appeared on The Experience Pros radio show syndicated nationally,ESPN’s The Blitz in Colorado Springs, and WDNC’s The Buzz in Durham-Raleigh.

In August 2014, Greenlaw co-hosted a very successful summit at the home of Dr. John Gray with some of the world’s leading health researchers and physicians. The sole purpose was to accelerate international collaboration.

Greenlaw is the central figure in a documentary being filmed by award winning director Douglas Freel. The documentary “What If You Didn’t Know” focuses on the damage done to the world food supply and what steps can be taken to provide the nutrition and micro-minerals needed by the human body.